The Venus Factor – An ultimate weight loss guide for women

the venus factor program

Introduction – The Venus Factor has created an excitement ever since it came in the weight loss industry. This program has set down new standards and has produced decent results. This review would provide the consumers with all the necessary details and an in-depth analysis of the program.

Core Idea – This entire concept is based on a complete background scientific research. The basic idea behind such a weight loss program is restoring the leptin sensitivity in women resulting in the increased metabolism and hunger feel regulation. It results in harmless and stable fat loss. The leptin hormone levels have been the focus of the weight loss industry where the efforts have been made to increase the hormonal levels for effective weight loss. The whole idea is not to increase the leptin levels artificially, but to decrease the leptin resistance through a balanced diet and a regular, optimized exercise. The Venus Factor comes to play its vital role here where the nutritional planning and the workouts are planned sequentially and solely to obtain a natural, toned and slim figure, specifically for women. The focus of this program is not just the weight loss, but to provide a complete reshape to the body making it look more feminine and attractive. It helps to readjust the body mass index making it look perfect.

Product Description – The program is a twelve-week plan that includes a complete diet and workout plan to increase the female metabolism. The workout program aims at providing a complete renovation of the body shape while the diet plan targets significant weight loss.

The program includes the following parameters:

(1) Nutritional Guidelines – The program provides a manual with all the necessary and important information regarding meal plans, diet protocol, food menu, calories and the rate determining the weight loss.

(2) Online Videos – There are over 130 online learning videos demonstrating the way it works.

(3) Software Application – The program provides software named “Virtual Nutritionist” that calculates calories and provides the projected body measurements to a high level of accuracy.

(4) Social Community – This program itself has a lot of users and followers where the consumers can get feedback and suggestions.

The Venus Factor Program comes in PDF downloads, online software, and mixed digital formats that are compatible with all devices, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The easy accessibility is one of the reasons why it is such a popular product.

Analysis – The venus factor diet plan and the workout videos if strictly followed produces significant results. This unique approach to restoring Leptin sensitivity works to great effects and the loss in weight can be observed in 4-5 weeks. The nutrition part of the program is well laid out. It is systematic and well explained. The workout videos and the manual are excellent, and there is no requirement to join any gym if these videos are well followed. The accuracy of the software eliminates all the guesswork and helps in estimating the amount of workout to be carried out as well as the right diet to be taken. The only issue this program possesses may be the length of the manual, which has to be followed and understood with patience.

Bottom line – This program offers the consumers a complete package that helps in regaining the lost confidence due an improper figure and extra weight. A complete understanding and a perfect usage of this product provide the exact results as promised. It’s a must buy for those who wish to have a perfect shape within months.


The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program


Imagine if there is a means to encounter quick, lasting weight loss? Wouldn’t you love a way to quickly bum off the pounds out of your troublesome areas without to wiping out your favorite meals out of your diet? Well, the good thing is that this fat loss option exists! The Venus Factor is the initial and only weight loss program that’s created to raise ladies metabolic process and to assist you in achieving your hottest and thinnest body. It is created for ladies and includes the strategies that assist girls to release their fat burning prospective as their bodies work extremely otherwise than those of men.

Don’t waste a later date of one’s life feeling frumpy, chubby and unfavorable. You deserve to possess the wonderful, trim and tight body that you imagine of and you may make it occur for yourself. Give the product a try now and you’ll be astonished by the change that it can make to your body as well as your life! The Venus Factor is an innovative product that reveals a thing that several ladies don’t know about fat loss the truth that generic applications that work on guys won’t automatically work on them. Ladies have a diverse body and significantly various hormones to guys, which could give them trouble when shedding weight.

In the program, you’ll learn all of physical hormone leptin and the impact that it makes on ladies metabolism. Normally, the body of a lady is designed to put on weight around the hips, upper thighs and belly as this really is good for childbearing because it gives heat and vitamins for the baby. Several ladies hate the look in their upper thighs, belly and hips plus they need to look thinner, far healthy, toned and tight. The natural weight losing interest of the ladies body is challenging to combat, but with the proven practices in the Venus Factor Program, millions of ladies throughout the whole world have attained success.

You won’t believe the incredible benefits that you’ll achieve every time you attempt the Venus Factor. You’ll start to see a distinction within your body in a few days as well as the pounds will burn away in a short time span.


An Honest Venus Factor Review by Purnima Kabra

Ever since I finished high school, I started gaining weight. The life would have been very good if those extra pounds would not have struck my way. After 2 months of extensive search to find out the ways to lose weight, I came across the short video presentation of The Venus Factor. I was fascinated by it because I had never seen like that thing before my entire life. The information and practical ideas presented in it were astounding. Straightaway, I order it and started using it. Surprisingly, I lost 50 pounds in 2 weeks. I was so motivated with the results that I continued it for next couple of months and I received an incredible feminine body.

The most interesting thing I found in this program is that it allows me to eat the food I like. I also didn’t have to spend countless hours in gym working with heavy equipments. The Venus factor program was so inviting to me also because it had 60 days money back guarantee equipped with it. So, if I don’t lose weight, I get 100% refund within 2 months. So, it was really nice opportunity for me to lose weight and I grabbed it.

venus factor weight lossThe Venus Factor focuses on Leptin. It’s a hormone found in human body that speeds up the metabolism. The Venus factor shows how to make your body more responsive to leptin and increase your metabolism. It doesn’t ask to you to take any pill that can gives side effect to your body. There is also no strict diet that you find hard to follow. It has just an easy to follow diet plan clubbed with workout schedule.

I have got my body in shape that I wanted it to be. Now, I enjoy life, I eat what I like, I don’t exercise every day and I don’t crash diet. I simply do everything in moderation and I think that makes all the difference. I hope that was informative and inspiration to those who are trying to lose weight or even just trying to maintain their body. I am not a nutritionist or a fitness trainer but if you have any question to me regarding my weight loss, please feel free to get in touch with me.

This was an honest venus factor review from me and if you want to know more about the venus factor weight loss program, you can visit The Official Venus Factor Website.